Press Release: EVALAN joins RM4HEALTH: Big Step in Telemedicine

After a surgical operation, patients will be monitored from home through a wearable device with cloud architecture.



For the past years, the world has seen and experienced the high strain in which the health sector, particularly primary care, is under. In that sense, this project will focus on the development of open technology to monitor vital signs remotely and in real time. Monitoring vital signs is an important aspect of primary healthcare, providing key information about a person’s health status.


During the European Project, EVALAN’s team aims to further develop BACE Go as the wearable IoT Gateway that helps physicians to continuously monitor patients outside medical care centers after having a clinical intervention, as well as the cloud platform that comes with the solution. This means that after a surgical operation, patients could automatically and continuously be monitored while at home through a wearable device with cloud architecture.

To that aim, EVALAN will seek to extend the portfolio of physiological sensors that BACE Go can connect to. The goal is to develop technology that answers the needs of both the healthcare workers and the patients. The benefits of using medical-grade wearable technology for remote patient monitoring include less strain on resources, lower costs, better patient experience, early detection and improved treatment outcomes.


As part of the consortium, which brings together 25 leading companies and organizations from 6 different countries, EVALAN will work closely with 5 other partners within use case 1: Remote monitoring for post-operative care for surgery patients and for telerehabilitation of chronic heart failure patients, where the opportunity to develop algorithms to predict deterioration of a patient’s health condition presents itself.

In that sense, EVALAN’s role during the first part of the 3-year project includes:

  • Putting the infrastructure in place for the cloud platform that will collect the data from the sensors through either wearable or static gateways.
  • Developing the algorithms and applications to process and make the data that has been collected usable.



With over 15 years of experience, EVALAN is the leading IoT solutions provider. Recognized among the 100 most innovative enterprises in the Netherlands, EVALAN’s telemetry services currently reach 50 countries on 5 continents. To support the delivery of its services, EVALAN develops mobile devices and sensor units, data management systems, data processing algorithms and user interfaces for diverse industries on various platforms.

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